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Map keyboard and mouse to gamepad

October 6 2013

The possibility of mapping some keyboard shortcuts to mousepad buttons is very useful. You can play videogames using a joystick when that feature is not implemented in the game. But there's more, you can control your music or video player remotely. Actually I used this for a presentation, switching between workspaces and interacting with programs using my PS3 wireless controller was really cool.

1. Downloading and installing antimicro. Antimicro is a software intended to do what the title of this post says, map keyboard or mouse input to your gamepad. You can download antimicro for your distribution (at the end of the page); Installation depends on you distro but double-clicking usually launches the installer assistant. Also you can compile the source code, instructions are available at the antimicro's github webpage

2. Basic Usage Before opening the program, plug your gamepad. Once you open the program you'll se the screen below

In the screenshot you can see a few buttons highlighted. That's because I have already configured my gamepad, if it's the first time you launch the program the only highlighted buttons will be the ones you are currently pressing. An icon in the taskbar should appear too, from there you can show/hide the antimicro window.

To map a key to any of the mousepad buttons click the corresponding button in the antimicro window, a virtual keyboard will pop up, there you can select the key to map.

3. Advanced Options. If you want to map a keyboard shortcut to one mousepad button click "Advanced". A new window will open, there you can assign any key combination you want.

Also, there you can set the Turbo and Toggle options

  • Turbo. If you check this option, when you keep pressed a button, the program will act as if you pressed the key multiple times. You can set the time interval in the "Advanced" settings
  • Toggle. This will make a button act as if it is continuously pressed after you press it one time. To deactivate the button press it again.

4. Configure the sticks (axis) When it comes to map to the sticks the program works slightly different. In the antimicro window click the button of the axis you want to configure:

Click the [NO KEY] button to assign the key that will be mapped when you move the stick to the left (or up) and then click the other [NO KEY] button to set the key that will be mapped when you move the stick in the opposite direction.

5. Map the mouse input. If you want to map the mouse input instead of the keyboard click the "mouse" tab

The interface is very intuitive, just set the direction/button you want to map.

The kyemapping activates immediately after you click the "close" button in the configuration window.

Geri Geri O. Morales
Maths Grad student at UNAM.
With experience in Linux server administration and web development

June 25 2014
Physlord wrote:
Hey!. Thanks for pointing out the bug in the comments. I'll fix it as soon as I can. (Might take months XD)