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Some screensavers for your terminal

October 8 2013

The use of a terminal in these days of great graphical interfaces is less frequent amongst Linux users, there are still some interesting tools that can be used in a console. In this post we are going to review some screensavers for your Virtual Console in GNU/Linux.

1. Cmatrix. A "The Matrix" themed screensaver, definitely a perfect thing for geeks. To install this on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and derived distros 

sudo apt-get install cmatrix

for openSUSE use

sudo zypper in cmatrix

Once installed, open a terminal, or better yet, go to a Virtual Terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1, and type this command


Be ready to feel like you are in the very cockpit of the Nabucodonosor. To stop cmatrix and get the system prompt press Crl+C

But things can get better, let's use a special font for this screensaver. This font only works in virtual terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F[1-6])

cmatrix -l

to get this:

2. A bonfire in your terminal To use an ASCII bonfire install libaa-bin, then in a terminal run the next program.


you will see this

3. A High quality animation. Install bb from your package manager, then type in your console.


You will see a message to select whether if you want sound or not,  type "n" and then press Enter, It will take a few seconds to start, but it's worth waiting.

If you rarely use a terminal these are a good pretext to use it from time to time. Hope you have fun ;)

Geri Geri O. Morales
Maths Grad student at UNAM.
With experience in Linux server administration and web development