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Keyboard shortcuts for Dolphin, KDE

October 19 2013

Dolphin is the default file manager for the popular desktop environment KDE. It has a lot of functionalities, several of them can be accessed by using some combination keys.

We all are familiar with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctr+X but, what other things can we do?. Below a list of KDE shortcuts.

Open a new tab, close tab, move to the next tab

Ctrl + T

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + Tab

dolphin tabs

Open a new window, Close a window

Ctrl + N

Ctrl + Q

Select All, Invert selection

Ctrl + A

Ctrl + Shift + A

Show / hide hidden files

Alt + .

Move file to the trash can, delete file from hard drive


Shift + Del

Create new folder


Rename file


Change the file view

Icon view: Ctrl + 1

icons view

Detailed view: Ctrl + 2

icons view

Tree view: Ctrl + 3

icons view

Split Screen: F3

split view

Open a terminal in Dolphin


open terminal

Zoom in, zoom out

Ctrl + +

Ctrl + -

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