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Display Android screen on Linux

September 22 2013
Android on Linux
Android broadcasting to Linux

There are several options to broadcast your Android screen to your computer, but when it comes to Linux, the options quickly narrow. luckily for us, there is an easy way to see your mobile screen on your Linux.

Droid@Screen is a small java script to broadcast your Android device to your computer. It has some cool features like capture video and take screenshots. This short how-to will guide you to install and use this program.

1. Download Droid@Screen and ADT.  First you have to download Droid@Screen from the its webpage, download the latest version, droidAtScreen-1.0.2.jar at this moment. Also, you have to install ADT (Android Developer Tools), there is a detailed description at the google developers site; Actually is pretty simple, download, unzip and that's all, adt is ready to run.

2. Start Droid@Screen. Now that you have downloaded  ADT, and you have the Droid@Screen script somewhere in your hard drive, open a terminal, go to the directory where you saved droidAtScreen-1.0.2.jar and start it using java. Suppose you downloaded the file to your "Downloads" folder.

-> cd Downloads
-> java -jar droidAtScreen-1.0.2.jar

A window will pop asking for the path to you adb binary file. This file is in the folder sdk/platform-tools/ of your ADT installation. Go to that directory, select the adb binary file and click OK.

3. Enable USB debugging. Finally, enable the USB debugging mode of you Android device. To do this check the instructions at the android webpage. Once enabled the debugging mode plug the  phone to your Linux Box (If you experience some problems, check in this blog how to connect your Android phone to Linux) and that's all, your Android screen will show in your Linux screen.

Below you can see in a video the described process. If you need more detail in any of the steps please use the comment section.

I hope this was useful to you. Share... ;)

Geri Geri O. Morales
Maths Grad student at UNAM.
With experience in Linux server administration and web development

April 11 2014
Mysterious Commenter wrote:
yeah!! perfect, thanks!!

June 20 2014
Rydan Swauger wrote:
Dude, you are awesome!!! I've looked at several hundred, it seems, websites trying to figure this out and you made it so easy for me!!! Thank You so much, keep up the good work!